About Katy 

I graduated from RISD as a jewelry and metalsmithing major in 2002. Working in fine jewelry in New York City, and eventually costume jewelry in Rhode Island, left me with a need for a hobby different from my day job. A coworker taught me how to crochet one day on our lunch break. Eventually I started knitting, sewing, weaving and spinning wool. I discovered buttons and shawl pins to be the natural intersection of jewelry and textiles. It wasn't long before I started adorning my knits. Making things for myself led to making things for others, and that's how Katrinkles was born. 

We now have two laser cutting machines, which are always busy cutting out buttons or etching hedgehogs onto things. Our products are available online in the Katrinkles web shop and on etsy, at local fiber festivals in the northeastern United States, and in select independent yarn and craft stores worldwide (check our stockists page for a shop near you).

The two laser cutting machines in the Katrinkles studio, Purl1 and Purl2. 

The two laser cutting machines in the Katrinkles studio, Purl1 and Purl2. 

All of our buttons and tools are designed, created, and hand-finished in our studio in Providence, RI.  

Jewelry and textiles have a long history here in Rhode Island; my family has a long history in those industries, and I am proud to continue this legacy with my own small business.  Katrinkles supports crafting as an inclusive and welcoming space for people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, genders, orientations and sizes.

I live in and work Providence, RI, and get lots of studio help from my team and from my rescue mutt, Max. When I'm not in my studio I am likely knitting on my front porch, collecting treasures off a Rhode Island beach or baking something delicious.  

About Katrinkles

The name Katrinkles is a childhood nickname bestowed upon me by my mother. It has the same whimsical feeling as my work, so the name made sense for my work as well.  


Your package will be shipped USPS first class mail unless you select a different shipping option at checkout. Priority USPS (1-3 days) and Express USPS (1 day) are also available. Please contact me if you have any shipping concerns. I try my best to ship orders the day they are purchased if the order is placed before 4pm EST. Most orders ship either the same day or the day after purchase.   

Please be advised that if your order is shipping outside of the United States there may be taxes or duty fees when you pick up the package from your post office that are out of my control. I have no way of knowing or estimating what these may be. 

Sock Stitch markers just after being cut out of wood on one of our laser machines.  

Sock Stitch markers just after being cut out of wood on one of our laser machines.  


Katrinkles knitting needle gauges and tools are made of 1/8" woods such as bamboo and birch plywood and alder hardwood. Our materials are sourced through Rhode Island businesses whenever possible.  

We've started making our knitting needle gauges and tools out of alder and cherry in 2017. We like that these hardwoods grow in the Northeastern United States and are sustainable and renewable.  Bonus, they also look really pretty when laser etched. Switching from bamboo to hardwoods allows us to use a domestic material while maintaining the quality and appearance that you expect when you order from Katrinkles.  

Some adorable Katrinkles knitting needle gauge critters.   

Some adorable Katrinkles knitting needle gauge critters.   

Katrinkles buttons are made of 1/8" bamboo plywood, which is sustainable, lightweight and strong. Your buttons won't be indestructible but can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Bamboo has a rich history of roles and uses in Asian mythology and culture, and is even used in Chinese medicine because of its antibacterial properties.  

Regardless of material, each Katrinkles item has been hand-sanded to smooth out any rough corners and washed to remove any residue from laser cutting. Because bamboo and wood are natural materials each item may vary slightly.  

Button Care and Use

Bamboo buttons can go in the washer and dryer, but may last longer if they're hand-washed and/or dried flat.  

When stitching buttons with more than four holes: If you're sewing them in a place where they will be functional, you may want to fill in the outer holes first and then tack the button down onto the garment using a few of the holes towards the center. If the item is for a baby or toddler, you may want to stitch the button onto the garment using all of the holes to ensure it is more secure. If your yarn is thick or you are using the 3/4" buttons, you may want to stitch the button using one or two plies of your yarn. Embroidery floss works great too and has a different sheen than wool.  

2017-04-30 20.56.31.jpg

Custom Orders

I love working on custom knitting needle gauges, tools, name tags and other laser cut bamboo items. I can also offer you different sizes or quantity of buttons than those listed in my shop.  

All Katrinkles tools and buttons are made in-house, which allows me to get samples to you quickly and fully control manufacturing your order.  

Please contact me using the contact form so we can discuss your project.   


I would love to talk to you about starting a wholesale relationship for your yarn shop, craft store, or specialty gift boutique. You can order from my line or we can discuss special projects or custom items for your shop.  

Please fill out the wholesale contact form and I will get back to you with login instructions for my wholesale website and our wholesale terms and conditions.  

A collection of Katrinkles buttons and tools are distributed by NNK Press: sales@nnkpress.com and online at www.nnkpress.com.