Christmas Ornament - Wood Doodle

Christmas Ornament - Wood Doodle


I have always drawn these crazy, intricate doodles. This one seems to be kind of art deco, floral and geometric in feel but with an imaginative quality of line that can only come from a hand drawn doodle. This pattern is taken directly from a page of my sketchbook; I have laser etched it onto 1/8" birch plywood and looped red cotton cord through the hole.

This ornament measures approximately 2" tall and 2" wide. There's a lot of space on the back side that you can use to write on if you want to use this as a gift tag. Sharpie bleeds slightly but a Micron or ballpoint pen work great.

Because it is made of a natural material, the appearance of each ornament may slightly vary. Each piece is hand sanded after laser cutting to smooth out corners and edges.

Please contact me if you would like this made as a keychain, pin or magnet.

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