Round Wall Hanging Loom made of Bamboo

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2015-07-27 20.28.04.png

Round Wall Hanging Loom made of Bamboo

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This is a square loom with a circular cut-out in its center. The center weaving hole is bordered by small holes that hold your warp thread. This loom is laser cut from bamboo and measures approximately 7" overall with a 4.5" round opening. It is 1/8" thick. The warping holes are approximately 1/10" and each hole is numbered for convenient warping.

Directions explaining how to warp the loom to make a wall hanging are included. It is intended to be a one time use wall hanging, however, if you have weaving experience it will be possible for you to figure out how to double warp it to be able to cut your weaving off the loom. Because the weaving itself will measure approximately 4.5", it could make large coasters or small potholders depending on what material you weave with.
This loom does not come with the yarn or tapestry needles you will need to use it. Thread to worsted weight are idea for warping but any type of yarn can be used. The amount of yarn or thread you will need to finish the project depends on its thickness.

It is important to me that each item I make is special and bamboo contributes to this as a unique material. Bamboo plywood is sustainable and is stronger than wood. Your loom won't be indestructible but can withstand more than one made of birch. Bamboo has a rich history of roles and uses in Asian mythology and culture and is even used in Chinese medicine because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Each piece is hand sanded after laser cutting to smooth out corners and edges. Because it is made of a natural material, the appearance of each loom may slightly vary.

Please contact me if you would like a custom tool based on this design.

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